Sue Gilbert, Filmmaker

sueSue Gilbert was raised on Greenaway Island, her family’s private estate on the Connecticut shore. Ms. Gilbert came of age in the sixties, questioning the values that her parents and their upper class generation had always taken for granted.

Ms. Gilbert studied advertising and film at Art Center College of Design. She subsequently worked in Los Angeles on the production end of TV commercials, corporate films and ABC After School Specials.
behind-scenes-bgIn 1982 Ms. Gilbert directed her award-winning documentary, Greenaway, a portrait of her wealthy parents and their lifestyle. Greenaway was exhibited internationally and aired on PBS and Dutch TV.

In 2008, Ms. Gilbert invited her siblings and their adult children to participate in filming a sequel to explore the legacy of their family wealth. Beyond Greenaway: The Legacy was the result. In 2010, Beyond Greenaway won the Royal Reel Award at the Canada International Film Festival.

island-shotSue Gilbert lives in the Seattle area. In addition to documentaries, she is passionate about art, music, sailing and traveling.